Saturday, July 31, 2010

states ghost towns

To start this blog i would like to clear something up. A ghost town to us is a town fully abandoned with maybe one resident. They should containhouses, school, church and maybe some businesses. One of the states we went to actually marks ghost towns on there highway map. These towns are not actually ghost towns because most have many people living in them and some are actually very touristy. Below is a picture of one of them:
This is not a ghost town. Good for the state to preserve these ghost towns for tourists but this was not what we were looking for. We decided to look for the real ghost towns.

Below you will see a collection of photo's including school, stations, churches, etc. These are mostly from ghost towns but some are from small communities.

We found this sign on the way to a few abandonment's.
I was using a gazetteer map. Checking it with the GPS there seemed to be no errors.
Ironically this sign is WRONG.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

states trip overview

Passport - Check
US Money - Check
All packed for a 4 day long exploring trip with tents - Check!

Packed and ready to explore a new country I barely slept the night before. Phoenix Enigma decided to bail because he was keen on working 2 shifts instead of exploring a new country and lots of new abandonment's. None the less it was his loss indeed. Something i knew he would regret. SaskUrbex and I decided to continue on this trip by ourselves.

This trip was a huge success in my mind. We found many cool things along with other things we did not except. We decided to explore the north western United States. Lots of maps, photography & tenting gear we hit the road not knowing what to expect. We were traveling through the prairies, badlands & mountains. All sorts of terrain with all kinds of potential.

We found three amazing locations on this trip. One was a fully intact hospital with the equipment still in it, a true ghost town with a mine and a full abandoned military installation with countless abandoned buildings.

We saw a lot of wildlife on this trip as well. Not a surprise considering we were camping in national forests and driving back roads of the country. What we did not expect was having to heard cattle down a mountain back road for many miles.

This trip was fun and i look forward to the next trip we have. Blog entry's and pictures will follow within the next week. Please be sure to check back.

camping location #2
beautiful views!
one group of cows we had to herd
there were about 6 groups or more that got in our way
mountain back road
crystal clear water
#1 tenting location
mountain harvest

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new changes 2010

I am still around.

Exploring more than I seem to get online - I have fallen behind. Things are back on track and I plan to keep this blog up-to-date as well as launch the website in august.

A few new changes you will notice in the next few weeks:

New reactions section at the bottom of each blog. Be sure to let me know how certain blogs made you feel. I am interested.

Comments are now moderated to prevent spam. Please comment or e-mail me - I love to hear feedback or answer any of your questions!

As you have probably noticed there is a new theme! This theme will hopefully correspond with our website. Yes our website!
Be sure to watch for the website launch set for August 14 2010!

Saskurbex (my exploring partner) also has a new blog attached to his website. Be sure to take a look and view his perspective of our trips.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

big muddy adventure

Tenting season has begun and I knew that i had to get out! Bitty and I packed my car with all the gear and hit the road towards Big Muddy. This area is the only part of the province besides the north that i have not been to. With perfect weather to start the day we knew this trip would be interesting and within 60km it was.

The highway in front of us started to deteriorate and we needed both gas and food. Driving from town to town we had no luck. Just when we thought we were out of luck we found a gas station. After a struggle with the pump we moved on to find food. This was also an impossible task and our snack supply was running low. Driving through more towns we decided to go through Willow Bunch on the odd chance that it had gas and food. Not only did it have gas and food but also had a museum that was open. We used this town as a launching point to the Grasslands and Big Muddy area.

The trip was a success and many stories came from the adventure.

Some key points:
- camera falling off tripod and towards the edge of castle butte - 200ft down :o
- vertical climb up 200ft
- creating fire out of wet wood
- finding 4 wild foxes playing around a den
- giant angry bull staring at bitty
- finding an abandoned mansion
- asking the gas station attendant at willow bunch if the wizards still lived in town
- finding an amazing restaurant in a small town
- dead birds covering the floor of an old school
- finding old rural church and pulling the doorhandle off
- no tan despite being in the sun
- trying to catch a frog and almost falling into a creek
- gas station attendant telling us weyburn is the only place that has food in the entire southwest area
- Bitty not being able to accept that we have full service gas stations in saskatchewan
- chasing gophers in the grasslands
- and more!

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+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing

About Me

My photo
+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing