Sunday, May 29, 2011

prime real estate

Would you like to live at the corner of railway ave & road allowance? This street is one of many in what basically is a ghost town. With about three residents I was entertained that this entire street was for sale, two of them by a realtor and the other by owner. Two abandoned houses and the other occupied, I was surprised that this realtor thinks they could sell these houses. This is a sign of what soon will be a complete ghost town.


Friday, May 27, 2011

hotel & bar (last time)

During the great race we stopped by an old hotel & bar that we had been to in the past. We knew we could check off a few things on the list but didn't realize the condition this place would be in when we arrived. The entire roof of the bar had fallen in on everything and water was leaking everywhere. The hotel had more water damage as well and the floor was becoming unstable. This place wont be around for much longer so I was glad we were able to document it for the last time.

These pictures are just a few of my favorites and best angles of the hotel...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

great race 2011

This year Saskurbex and I decided to participate in the Great Race. Its basically a scavenger hunt for urban explorers that is organized by Deggi5.

Since we have never participated before and we live in the most desolate province ever - we planned out a route and traveled over 1000 miles. . .yes miles. Starting at 2:30am on Saturday, we drove to our starting point which was about 4 hours away.

So we began the race at 6:00am and had twelve hours to race and post the pics online for judging. They gave us our list and password which was "Arrrr Matey" (which related to our team name being pirates). We hit the road following our route and tight timeline finishing as many tasks as we could. I spent all weekend in my rubber boots and a raincoat for obvious reasons.

We came in fourth place, which isn't that great since their were only four teams that finished but we did our best considering it rained most of the weekend and getting to places was interesting to say the least. We were glad we didn't take my car because we could have never made it down some of the roads.

Here are just some of our pictures from the race.. .

find a no trespassing sign
put clothes on found in a location
laughing -because having fun is what its about
whole team in a bed
landlocked boat
abandoned church!
mummify a teammate in a location
room/cell with bars
provincial boarder
yes we made it to the Alberta/Sask boarder
teammate in a tight space
on a bicycle
dead animal
30 cans in a location

Saturday, May 21, 2011

on my route. . .

On my route I needed gas but all I could find was an abandoned gas station. . .
If I needed car repairs that wouldn't have been possible. All I was able to find was an abandoned garage. ..
Then I tried to seek some tourist information for the area, but all I could find was an abandoned information center. . .
And on my route I passed many overgrown rail lines and one's missing signs.. .
It was an interesting route, to say the least.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

plenty - o - ghost towns

Along our route we crossed many ghost towns. Since posting a picture of every single house in every ghost town we crossed I decided to create a mash up of my favorite abandoned buildings in some of the towns. Enjoy!

Highlights include:
  • Underground church
  • Hotel
  • Abandoned playgrounds
  • Large religious buildings (no pics. . . . yet)

Monday, May 16, 2011

past education

As per my recent post, thanks to nicer weather and dry grids I have been able to get out a lot more than usual. I decided to head out for a day and hit up some small towns I had never visited before. I went with Saskurbex with a plan in mind. Soon realizing that there was much more than we expected to find our trip ran late but we did find some interesting sites.

We found a couple ghost towns, interesting schools, large religious buildings and all sorts of things along the way. With a late start in the day the trip ran into the dark but it was definitely worth it. I have split up the posts because some of the locations are larger.

This post is about a couple of the schools we found. Larger multi roomed schools, one had been converted but its previous state still obvious.

Highlights include:
  • rolling a wheelchair down the hallway of a school
  • having a run in with barbed wire and electrical fence (thank goodness it was off)
  • finding large industrial equipment & a mini press
  • old water fountains
  • converted room into a gym
  • brick buildings!
  • finding a shower in one of the schools

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+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing

About Me

My photo
+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing