Tuesday, August 17, 2010

valleys hidden treasure

I only have less than three weeks left here and time seems to go by so fast. I have explored everything there is to see in this area except one. When i first moved here i was told that there were huge kilns hidden in the valley as a part of the old brick plant shut down years ago. Nothing remains of the brick plant and i searched the area for days with no luck of finding the kilns. I had given up until recently when someone has mentioned them again and a location they are near.

I quickly grabbed my camera and hit the road. Heading down the only road in the valley i had not been down there they were. In plain site along a busy road they sit in the valley overgrown with plants. I could not believe it was this easy.

They really are a spectacular site to see. Two kilns, remnants of a third and remains of a brick building. They are definitely as large as the ones that can be seen at Claybank. Without any care over the years i am surprised the one is in such good shape. I hope to view these closer before I re-locate.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today is the official launch of my website. If my blog is the "when", this site is more of the "where." It has taken us a while to get things together but we wanted to launch the website with many locations to view. We hope you enjoy our hard work and be sure to check back for updates on old locations as well as new locations.

So after hours of photo sorting, editing, stamping, organizing and uploading it is ready to be revealed to the world. Please enjoy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

demolition fail

When i first moved here for the summer i explored a modern school that had been abandoned for years. About once a week i would go inside and walk the halls of a once busy school. It was partially flooded but full of desks, computers and other remnants of its past life. Many people in the city did not even realize this school was sitting abandoned for years.

It had been said for years that this school was going to be demolished for a new condo project. Nothing happened for years and i was under the impression this school may be here for a while. None the less Saskurbex & Phoenix Enigma came down to explore it in case things changed.

Good thing they did because demolition started a few weeks ago on the school. Built on a hill on the edge of a valley, this location is beautiful and i can understand the value of the land. With this location comes problems and the construction crew soon realized this.

See below the demolition fail:
(clip from the Estevan Mercury)
someone forget about the fact that they are on the edge of the valley. ^-^

Below are some photo's of its demolition:

Friday, August 6, 2010

hospital hayday

A HOSPITAL! *screams of joy*

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the hospital we found. Not like anything i had ever seen this hospital had all the equipment left behind & a morgue! I could have spent days in this hospital for sure but were short on time so we only got to see part of it. The halls were all labeled, equipment in place, lights not smashed, morgue trays in place & had that abandoned smell. I hope to go back to this location as soon as my budget allows it.

me with the morgue trays
pic taken by saskurbex

not sure what this was but it certainly was
creepy in a pitch black room
wash up area
hospital bed
birthing table still with paper and fabric on it
watered down hallway
kitchen parts
mold looking like moss
main hallway

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

military surprise

Military installations are something that Saskurbex loves. I love hospitals, he loves military stuff. On this trip Saskurbex made special additions to our route so that we could check out these locations in the states we were visiting. To our surprise there was alot left, not just a couple houses but many houses and buildings left abandoned. This was a huge shock and i think it took until the end of the trip for this to sink in. Driving streets lined with abandonded housing & finding churches, post office and much more left sitting empty was just overwhelming. We absolutely loved these locations and plan to go back.

Below are a variety of photo's from the different locations.
consider myself warned
photo by: Saskurbex
the only thing living here was bunnies, and lots of them

Monday, August 2, 2010

montana mining

Montana is covered in mines of all types. Most are very old and mined for silver or gold. Most of the mines are just remains and not much to see but we were fortunate to find a large mine with a ghost town right beside it. We did also find a few other smaller mines and went past a few active mines in the area as well. This definitely was a highlight of the trip.

Here is a variety of mines from the area:
This boulder was inside one of the houses
Saskurbex is still baffled on how this got there
Saskurbex & I in the mine

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+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing

About Me

My photo
+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing