Wednesday, September 29, 2010

no more showtimes or services

I found out that one of Saskurbex's goals include finding a full intact theater. He remembered seeing one online and so we decided to track it down.

When we first arrived at the town we scouted around for where this mysterious theater could be. I pointed out in the distance a building with no windows. We hiked through long grass but finally made it out to the building and all agreed this had to be it. Once inside we went to the projector room. It was still full of all the letters and the curtains but sadly no projectors. We looked through the small holes and could not believe the size of the theater. We walked down and started walking the isles of the theater very impressed in its condition. nothing was broken. All the curtains were still on the stage including the multi-colored lighting above and controls. Who would have thought that this building was here?

It was definitely something new and exciting and I know we all enjoyed it very much.

On our way out we passed a few other buildings and i spotted an abandoned church. I instantly got exciting and knew we had to explore it. Clearly running out of time we all agreed and went inside. It was much larger than i expected with hallways of rooms, meeting areas and a huge church barely touched. The only way to tell it was abandoned was by the dead insects on the carpet. Looked like the last time they used it was around 1996. All original elements were still in place, which was nice to see. I am glad we made time to quickly photograph and document this building.

Some highlights from the trip:
- all of us spelling our names with theater letters
- a full theater with no vandalism!
- a complete intact church with no vandalism!
- once again using my flash to create interesting lighting effects
- finding a snakes skin and starting to worry about what to do if i run into a snake
- having another photographer follow us
- church robes still in plastic

Here are some of the best photo's from the trip:
tempting to put on.. but time was against us
i am the light of the world? who knew.

Monday, September 27, 2010

hidden hospital encore

Since the hospital was so interesting to me i decided to share more photos.
only thing missing is a dentist
scythe lounging out

Saturday, September 25, 2010

hidden hospital

A return trip to the hospital was promised to me for my birthday.

We decided to return to the hospital for a more thorough explore. It was amazing! We went into every wing and into every room. We found some x-ray machines, lab, hospital beds and things we never realized were there.This trip turned out to be much longer than we planned but it was worth it.

Some highlights:
- Scythe wandering off from the group
- sitting in almost every hospital bed
- working with my new flash & remote
- finding an x-ray machine like the one in Weyburn Mental
- dental chair and tools
- lots of funny pictures
- how intact the hospital was
- finding original documents

We spent hours wandering the halls photographing everything. Pictures speak louder than words in this case so here they are:

the only time i am happy to be in a hospital bed
where is my assistance?
saskurbex, scythe & me
three varieties

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

night explore with scythe

After getting settled into my new apartment with my new roomate i knew i had to go out and photograph something! I quickly got in contact with Saskurbex and we set up a night to head out and track down some churches and schools. Ended up that we went out on one of the coldest day this month.

It was a late night but we found multiple churches, cemeteries, ghost towns and schools. We had taken out Scythe for the first time. We gave him a point and shoot and told him to run with it. Saskurbex and i both got new flashes so we decided to try those out.

Points from the trip:
- finding a grave topper in a house (even had installation instructions)
- taking way to many photo's of a tiny mouse
- freezing weather - good thing i brought gloves
- creepy catholic statues in churches
- finding a cemetery with gravestones for people who have not yet passed
- figuring out a church we looked for in the past was right beside us but it was pitch black

So here are some pictures from the trip:
yet another statue the same height as me
i have never seen people leave change in a barely-used church before like this
meet scythe...
cute! ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2010

a month later

Its been exactly a month since my last post.

I have had a busy month between moving, expenses, family stuff, birthday and an ex boyfriend its been busy. Things are getting back on track and even better than before. It has been a fresh new start and i am still embracing new things to make this year better than before. I look forward to more photography this year, new locations and new experiences.

Some changes to the blog will include:
- Phoenix Enigma is no longer a part of my life which means he no longer explores - therefor you will not see him on this blog
- two new names you may see on the blog are:

Scythe - he loves exploring but is not big into photography, he will come out on as many trips as he can with us
Neko - a best friend of mine, she may show up in various posts - she has been to many locations with me in the past

- I am still doing things in Saskatchewan but are trying to branch to other provinces and states for larger locations
- the blog will be updated at least once every two weeks (although i would always like more)
- you may see more night photography and light painting at past locations - this is because I am trying to photograph past locations in different ways

If you still would like to send me any comments or questions you can e-mail me at

I look forward to this fresh new start!

contact me!

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+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing

About Me

My photo
+ most of my time is spent exploring anything abandoned whether it be industrial, a ghost town, type of hospital, an old church or others + the other part of my time is spent getting an education or drawing